To the New Year - 2017








Welcome to my online home.

A place I hope to add all of my personal resources, that may end up helping you. My space to put my ramblings, musings, learnings and understandings. I enjoy the meaning, the woo woo and the synchronicity of things that happen in my life.

I am a spiritual woman, a mother, a lover, a business woman and a friend, amongst many other things. I enjoy learning about people, listening to their stories and appreciating the wonderful, awe inspiring moments that this life has presented to us over and over.

I hope you enjoy.



Come to Cambodia in 2017

Meditation & Spiritual Retreat in Cambodia

If you’d like to come along – you and your family or friends, there will be something for everyone to do and a component of meditation retreat for those who want to experience what Cambodia has to offer.

Sample Meditation - Full Moon Meditation Dec 2016

by Nadene Murray | Sample Meditation