My space to put my ramblings, musings, learnings and understandings. I enjoy the meaning, the woo woo and the synchronicity of things that happen in my life.

I am a spiritual woman, a mother, a lover, a business woman and a friend, amongst many many other things. I enjoy learning about people, listening to their stories and appreciating the wonderful, awe inspiring moments that this life has presented to us over and over.



My article published in June 2017

I wrote an article for the new magazine ‘SA Woman’ about the Mother’s Self Love project I’ve been working on.

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Mother's Self Love

Find out about my 7 Day email course to get yourself kick started back onto finding your passion and self again – if you happen to have lost a part of yourself during the earliest parts of motherhood, or even after they’ve left the nest.

Personal Sanctuary Meditation Track

Need to create some space in your mind?

Need to find a place to relax and unwind anytime you want?

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“I recently attended a NLP session with Nadene Murray. I can honestly say that it was one of the best things I have done, it was seriously life changing. While I went with the intention of getting help with weight loss I have seen huge improvements in other areas of my life. The next day I quit smoking, this was an unexpected result, I simply decided I was a non smoker and didn’t pick another one up: no cravings, no weight gain, no side affects that in itself to me is incredible and made the whole experience worth it. When it comes to weight loss, I am finding that I have been making much more healthy decisions naturally, and I am far more forgiving to myself which stops binge eating. Overall I feel much more content within myself and this has allowed me to realise that looking after myself is my most important priority because I am worth it.”


Melbourne, VIC


The meditations were bliss and I felt peaceful and relaxed! I was very happy with the sessions and felt a great sense of calm at the end of the day!


Roxby Downs, SA


“Nadene has a calm and pleasant attitude, which is really important when seeking a meditation instructor. She is helping me learn how to better centre myself and focus on the present. I have struggled with this in the past, but feel like I am getting close to my goals by attending her workshops.

It is also clear that Nadene had undertaken a range of studies to enhance what she can offer, and has a confident approach to conducting her workshops. This helps reassure workshop participants and obviously contributes to the success of the meditations.”


Adelaide, SA


“Meditation with Nadene is extremely relaxing, energising and empowering. I’ve often struggled with meditation, but
Nadene provides a soothing, peaceful atmosphere that encourages deep relaxation.”


Roxby Downs, SA

Spirituality – what it means to me

Spirituality – what it means to me

Spirituality is finding daily things to do that help calm the overstimulated and overworked part of my mind that then helps me to be less affected by the events, circumstances or emotional spillings out that others have around me. To be level headed and open hearted. To have compassion and empathy and at the same time insight and foresight.

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Random musings of Nadene

Random musings of Nadene

Unused Resources Well.... I've just been going through my Audible account and I only have 5 things on there, but I haven't completely listened to a single one in it's entirety. Also I have a folder called 'Personal Development and Spiritual Study' on my HDD and ----...

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My newest course is “Mother’s Self Love”

My newest course is “Mother’s Self Love”

In November I hit a pivotal moment in my life and have found myself being drawn to saying what I've always wanted to say. The audience seems specific, and I think it's that part of my life being the most influential at the moment. YOU are Deserving, You are WORTHY,...

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