It was a fantastic year for me. I spoke to a few people who had a ‘not so great’ year and was wondering what the difference was. I mean I had some negative things happen, that I could have allowed to take center stage and upset the apple cart, but over all it was an amazing year filled with so much love and new adventures.

What an amazing 2013!!

What an amazing 2013!!

I started 2013 in Adelaide with my family – our usual jaunt down to Semaphore for the fireworks. It’s the same ol’ – nothing too spectacular event. But it was nice to spend it with Family and see in what I knew was going to be a year of change, some way or another.

I then went back to Roxby Downs, to the sweltering heat and just carried on my day job… trudging along, toiling, *insert words for boring/mundane here*.

But then, out of the blue, I met the man of my dreams. I didn’t realise just how big a change that could be. My coach Kim told me once, that Men need to be happy in their work to be happy elsewhere and Women need to be happy in their relationship to be happy elsewhere. How very true this has proved to be for me.

Not two months in, and I was off to India to take part, as a coach, in Soul Trek India – with Kogi.

I spent just over a week traipsing all over the northern parts of India. Only now am I beginning to realise what a huge trek and Spiritual Adventure it was. I learnt so much about myself, but at the time was very focussed on other things. The honesty and spiritual bliss you feel when you approach Rishikesh – is something that is only parallelled with the great energy centers or ancient sites around the world.

Something I took away from India was that life unfolds infront of you, that the effort you put in yesterday comes into fruition later. There is a gestational period for creations, dreams, visions. That impatience is almost crazy. There is an acceptance of ‘The Now’ that comes with being present and happy with what has happened, is happening and will happen. Let go and live freely.

Then came Roxby again… man… like a different world. Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 5… same food, same everything… (Mind you, this is NOT limited to Roxby, this is just my most recent experience of the Rat Race).

*I came to Roxby for New Years (just now) and it’s been a reminder that I do not want to do this again. I need to find income for the next 6 months to put into our investments, but this isn’t the way for me. I am so happy to be looking back in Adelaide, it’s exciting to still be moving ahead with the ‘grand plan’.

I then, through creating excessive drama in my mind, found a ‘necessity’ to quit my job. After 7 and a half years I finally had the gall to do it. Fun fact – I was not in a financial position to do this and should have maaaaybe been more prepared for the eventual outcomes. Last night I was stressed out about it, and found myself saying nasty things to myself, about myself… AND THEN… it clicked. I have to change the way I talk to myself. Eventualities are only in my mind. I create them… So the next 6 months, although they could be tough, WILL be amazing, I will be amazingly, making step by step improvements to my situation whilst building our dream, vision and goals. Any step towards your goal is better than kicking yourself and doing nothing about the past.

Anyway – So I quit my job, got paid out less than I thought, thank you taxman, and went to Peru to celebrate my 30th. Lima and Cusco presented no really new learnings, or experiences but Machu Picchu… Wow!!

The major thing I took away from Peru was that our power lies in the very fact we are here today. All that was before, made the world in which we are a part of. The advances we make today, help future generations. Things are easier now than they were 100 years ago, let alone 5000 years ago. Yet they trudged, built amazing monuments to their power. Never give up. That’s what I learnt in Peru.

These people shared the most life changing adventures I have had.

These people shared the most life changing adventures I have had.


Then to top the year off with Bali. One of the most amazingly life changing experiences.

My take away from Bali – Just Be Me. Nothing else. Stay true and on path. Do what I need to do for myself. My Soul is here for a reason, I just need to stop being so busy busy busy and listen. Meditate.

I am truly blessed.

That was my year.

This year is going to be amazing. Learning Discipline, Due Diligence and Responsibility for my Soul’s Evolution. I am so glad to be in the position I am in. So much to learn, so much to be grateful for and so many new adventures are happening in 2014.