Mmmmm coffee……..

So I decided to give up coffee in an zero effort attempt at letting my body freely peak and wane in it’s energy. I want to be able to understand my body’s natural cycle of motivation and drive.

Lets just say this is a stop start attempt. I’m now officially 3 days caffeine free (switched to my childhood favourite Rooibos tea – caffeine free) and its been BRUTAL!!! I’m not 100% sure that its just this, but I have a phenomenal headache that seems to have shaken the very foundations of my physiology. Went home sick yesterday cause my eyes were beginning to blur and then this morning my head was pounding even before I opened my eyes.

I haven’t researched the whole caffeine thing, I just know that it’s the next step for Phill and I.

Right now I am sitting enjoying a DECAF soy latte… Through the thumping of my brain inside my head!!!