2013 – My name is Nadene Murray. I’m 30 years old and I am refiguring out my whole life’s purpose, direction and fulfilment.

I’m blogging as means to express, not impress. I’ve been into personal development since I was 16 or 17 when I read James Redfield’s ‘The Celestine Prophecy’. This didn’t stop me from making mistakes, from having major issues, problems and hurdles. But it did change the way I looked at it. I’ve been more ‘active’ in the personal development seminar circuit for the last 4 years, completing my Coaching, NLP and Training quals, becoming a Oneness Blessing Giver and also doing The LifeLine Technique by Dr Darren Weissman. This is all along with participating in everything from property seminars to holistic healing seminars/presentations/talks and groups.

The goss is this – I just quit my job in Aug 2013. I had been there 7 and a half years. I had ‘fallen’ from role to role for the last 5 years of that and hadn’t made any actual decisions, (okay, not making a decision is still a decision) of that direction I wanted my life to take.

My boyfriend is Phill, he’s got 3 kids and I didn’t think that I would even contemplate a relationship that comes with other relationships in-tow. We have been together now for a year and it is the most amazing experience, one that has allowed me to be who I am completely and to feel accepted for all that I dream about.

2013 I started to make all those life changes that people talk about for ages but never do anything about, it was time to put my money where my mouth was – thanks to committing to a ‘Zero Effort’ goal list, it was the longest I’d been a non-smoker since I was 17. I lost weight (8kg / 17 pounds) in a proper ‘non fad’ way. I was taking my life into my own hands. As I’ve heard it said – focus on changing, not the result.





2014 – Since then I have been not working for 6 months now. I spent my 30th in Peru with the Love of My Life Philip, and had major spiritual healings, cleansings and awakenings in Bali.

I have suffered from ‘stir crazy’ and doing nothingwhich I thought would be great, but my super ego and id started playing games with me. I have rehashed past issues and problems and have found myself emotionally vulnerable. All because I didn’t really have my own sense of purpose, self or fulfilment.




I started smoking again, then gave up again. I started eating meat and fried foods again and have given them up again. And so now, 2014,  I’ve found myself toying with major lifestyle changes, that I have previously had so many excuses;

  • It costs too much
  • I don’t know enough
  • It’s so difficult to find organic stuff
  • but I love cheese…. 🙁
  • Juicing and smoothies taste horrible (to a sugar addicts taste buds)

But I’m giving it a go, trying out the beet juicing, kale, chia seeds and other such things that were never ever on my to eat list. I am not going crazy town on being strict, easing into it and allowing it to become a part of my life. As David Wolfe says – just add it into your life and then it will become a part of your life.




I am settling into being myself richly and fully. I love my body and what it’s doing now. I love my boyfriend and his children so very dearly. I am finally taking a breather and allowing my soul to speak to me in its’ language.

Listening, meditating and non attachment.

I am happy finally, with all that has been, all that is coming and most importantly… with NOW moments of mindfulness, gratitude and acceptance of what is/just is.