Today met up with two of my best friends and mentors, Irene Lee and Kogi Naidoo who have been on the same Personal Development Journey with me for the last 4 years. It is spectacular to see where we have come from, what our goals were and who we have become. They have been my proof, that a supportive environment fosters greater and greater change.

We were talking about entanglement and how our experiences seem to parallel each other even when we are all separated or in different countries. Our epiphanies, breakthroughs and progress steps are not so coincidentally linked. We have supported each other through them all and even facilitated them, even in our Propheseers days.

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So of course this started me on the nostalgia band-wagon and when I caught the train home tonight, I went past a suburb I started living in 8 years ago. I was almost in tears because I realised that an earnings goal I set back then, had become very real in the last 2 years. What was interesting is that I didn’t even realise that I had achieved this goal because my new goals, milestones, targets are so different.

I would like to thank all the people who have helped me to become who I am today. Irene and Kogi have been instrumental in pushing me and being the mirror I needed at different times. Christopher Howard‘s trainings, Darren Weissman‘s LifeLine Technique, The Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, The Mojo Master and Kim Browning  just to name a few. Today really did make it clear that I am not who I was 8 years ago. I am not who I was even 2 years ago.

Change can happen so gradually you reach your goal and are blissfully unaware. Thank you Universe, God, Possibility. I am so proud of where I’ve come from and what I’ve learnt. I am also beginning to feel the gurgling feeling of new and exciting changes. It’s so much fun to start the vision boarding process again, and to redo my values, reexamine my beliefs.

This is one very exciting year coming up and a hugely completing last few months of a great corporate and personal development journey.