Something cool is happening to me, through me, or within me. I’ve been a black & white, rules orientated dictator of ‘always right’ for most of my life. AND NOW… I’m finding myself enjoying the choices, ideas and variety of ‘rules’ that I am seeing everywhere.

Okay so facebook is the funniest place to see anger, irritation and vitriol coming out of posts. Everything from Anti-Government to Raw food nuts to Schooling and Parenting. People even had a go at Kate and William for having a holiday without the kid. Fat Shaming, Parenting Shaming, Food Shaming, Political Belief Shaming… so all in common of course is SHAMING… hmmmm.

Shame is the lowest emotional level – according to many different scholars, scientists and gurus. The person who’s work I am currently working through is David Hawkins – his book Power vs. Force is blowing my mind.

He’s got a “levels of consciousness” scale where shame is at the bottom and it works through everything up to enlightenment.


It’s fantastic and has me really stopping to consider where I am at. I made the commitment to myself to openly and willingly allow new ways of thinking to swirl around in my brain… and of course with my Coach Kim I made some major breakthroughs that have got me in a state of hope again and even working on some Vision Boards.

I am loving the feeling of being hopeful and looking forward to more than the restrictions I had previously placed upon my future. It’s great to be setting goals again for ‘us’ instead of just me too.

Being a part of a greater identity now, with Phill, well… I am smiling from ear to ear just writing US.


This is a bit of a disjointed blog today, and that’s okay. SO so so much cool stuff is swirling around in my head. So many decisions that were soooo difficult before are now just flowing through me so easily and with no effort. I’ve been working on an idea for a while, but it only came together tonight.


drumroll please………..




So I put it on Facebook. (Of course)

First course - WAHOOOOO

First course – WAHOOOOO













Complete with an email sign up link.



More to come in the follow weeks.


Life is so good!