What a huge year of achievements, accomplishments and amazing people who’ve come into my sphere of experience.

There’s been a lot that has happened and reviewing it in earnest is one of my favourite parts of December wind down.

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It’s been a tough year without a doubt, some very emotional events have occured that have affected me, my family and my friends, not to mention the world’s 2016 event list that is a spectacular and fun experience (see John Oliver’s varying names for the 2016 presidential election)… By the last one, it was my absolutely favourite part of each show.

The consciousness shifting parts of this year have been utterly divine. As a group we’ve really started to pay attention where it was needed and to show respect where it’s deserved. There’s been such a strong undercurrent of movement, of awareness and of course of change. It’s a wonderous thing to behold. But for me, personally, this year is the culmination of many years of seeking. I started my journey into personal development when I was 17, but started my courses when I was 25 (about 8 years ago now). The last 9 years has seen the most amazing changes, growth and experiences. Trips all over the world and even a baby! I would not have been able to tell you where I would be 9 years ago, It was 2 years into working at BHP in Adelaide. I was just into a different relationship and had no idea what I wanted in life.

It’s funny to be on the otherside and realise that not much has changed, yet so much has changed. Perspective is such a grand thing to have. I feel like I am that consciousness – that awareness of the infinite when I step into those old memories and experience what was happening for me at varying stages of this journey. It’s actually so peaceful to see the ‘sameness’ and ‘always-ness’ of that conscious awareness.

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Universal 9 – a Year of Completions and Letting go.

Wowsers, what a huge shift this year has been since last year this time. I feel like I have actually gone through some amazing rites of passage that I didn’t mark at the time they could have occurred in the past.  
This year I signed up to Terriane Palmer-Peacock’s Best. Year. Ever. Program to get next year a bit clearer and it actually helped me get 2016 clearer. It helped me see my own patterns of behaviour when things are successful in my life, and the life of my family. It was invaluable in helping me to find the clarity and direction I want to go in too. I kind of knew, but this took away the ‘welllllll it may be good to do this… type of thing.’ 
Here’s some of the patterns I realised were happening in my life when I was my most successful this last year;

Online Sadhana

The biggest stepping through a doorway of change, was during the Shiva Shakti Online Sadhana I did with Nicole Phoenix Starr. I felt like I was finally an adult. I was no longer a teenager playing house or ‘trying’ to be a grown up. I am a Woman, not a girl, not a child. But a Woman. It changed a lot of the ways I am able to look at things now. A sense of responsibility and not running away from it. A couple of years ago I read an article about how my generation had many many many of us, not wanting any of the boring, mundane responsibilities that come with being and adult – like cooking, cleaning etc etc and wanting it all done for us. I lived with that same desire (unfulfilled too) until a few months ago. Stepping into adulthood at the age of 32 was something I didn’t think I would ever experience, or that a change in perspective could bring in such a wonderful change in direction with real life action (yay for housekeeping). So that’s had ramifications in all areas of my life and the habit of the past has been easier to let go of than I thought – there’s still resistance, but not nearly as vicious as I have experienced the backlash in the past when trying to ‘make’ changed happen that haven’t yet ‘happened’ (divine timing) to me.

Online Sadhana

Money and I had a huuuuge shift this year. Again, thanks so an amazing Online Lakshmi Sadhana with Nicole Phoenix Starr. That Sadhana was so utterly profound and life changing, in a ‘duh’ kind of way. (my favourite way to learn it seems). To be able to understand and appreciate money in a whole new way, has shifted how I deal with it, how it’s shown up in my life now and the intentions behind using it. It’s not just about money either, I now understand abundance from a different level. Time, Attention, Energy… There is so much more to this ‘piece’ or ‘module’ of learning we all need to go through.
These spiritual practices have been some of the most amazing disciplined daily activities I’ve ever done. I have loved (and hated, and struggled, and flowed) through them both.


This year has been utterly astounding in the health, food and movement space.
When I was at my most successful in life –
I was actively doing some sort of Healthy Habit daily routine/change
– this year was transitioning to Vegetarian and then then Vegan in RawVember (a month of eating Raw – wasn’t 100% successful at either of them, but the persistence and keeping myself coming back to it even after each ‘failure’ in it, was what I think helped – so perhaps a little bit of an attitude of discipline too)
Due to a health crisis, we had to address (funny that) our eating habits and had to try a new way of living. It was in February when we signed up for Tyler Tolman’s – Heal Thy Self at Home online program. It was a huuuuuge shift in consciousness for us, a huuuuge learning curve and a huuuuuuge struggle (which is where growth happens).

Veganism – the looooong journey there…

We have transitioned to Vegetarian over the course of the year and in November transitioned to Vegan. A whole lot of firsts came with that. Tibet Rites, Guasha, Enemas, Juice Fasting, Water Fasting, Intermittent Fasting, (some were not new).
All in all, it’s been tough, but it’s also been amazing. I cannot help but think that the body is so thankful for the new fuels, for the better nutrition because we are throwing away only about 5% of what we buy now – meaning we are having a copious amount of fresh fruits and veggies. I cannot really pinpoint any major glaringly obvious ‘benefits’ – because well, food is to sustain life well and well, we are sustaining. LOL. The gradual changes are better skin, loosing weight and a huge shift in tastes. Drinking more water and enjoying that – which reminds me – brb, getting another bottle of water.

Water has so many purposes

I’ve learnt so so much about Water this year. From being able to have 5 Litres or more a day during the Colon Cleanses, to the #NoDAPL outcome. Water truly is the elixir of life for our health and our continued survival as a species. Sacred Water!
I also made the realisation that in no longer drinking standard tap water (filtered, box/bottled water, or Roxby Downs (no fluoride) water, I do believe that the decalcification of the Pineal gland is an actual thing! Clearer meditations, easier to see ‘truth’ in situations amongst other things.
Oh and using Activated Charcoal to brush my teeth has healed so much within my mouth that I didn’t even realise could be healed. Gum health and the whitening effects have been amazing. I feel healthier in the mouth than I have for years. I reckon it’s even removed some of the staining from when I was a smoker (about 3 years ago +- since I quit).
That is also true of eating meat. I have been actively reducing the amount of meat I eat since February and haven’t had meat now since the 1st of November. I feel different and I think my perceptions are beginning to become more crisp and clear. It’s also a hug weight off my shoulders (and waistline/wasteline) too. A definite detox has been taking place in my body for a while now. (Really just the process of getting healthier).

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Daily Practice and Rituals
This year when I have had things pick up momentum it has been whenever I am Regularly Meditating. Either through Sadhana or running my Meditation Classes or through listening to some Elizabeth Peru meditations that are other worldly!
I watched a Youtube clip the other day; (If you have a spare 30 minutes – it’s worth it if you’ve ever wanted to meditate or ever wanted to know why people do)
I want to meditate daily – and I think that’s what’s funny. I want to, but I don’t because… insert every excuse under the sun. The stupidest being ‘I’m too busy’. But in truth, it’s because I haven’t been in an honest enough place within myself. Until just about a month ago, I was doing things out of ‘martyrdom’ for the cause of being a good… “insert identity here”. Now being fully awake to that and realising that I have a responsibility to my Soul’s Journey – well, that makes a difference immensely. I am committed to my own evolution and my highest purpose now.
Oh and that brings me to the AWESOME and AMAZING and ‘smarter than your average bear’ Spiritual Teachers this year…

Spiritual Teachers and Learning

Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar, Bentinho Massaro & Durgaji NikStarr

Matt Kahn is mind blowing. Every single one of his Youtube clips is a huuuge shift from the old ideas of spirituality and the old way to think about things.

Bentinho Massaro’s online academy (which he recently opened up to be free now) is again, just soooo shifting from the old pushing s**t uphill forever trying to be mindful and trying to be present, and not knowing how to live life. It’s utterly brilliant. I’ve done lesson 13 now I think and I feel myself changing perspectives now with each module. – https://www.trinfinityacademy.com/
This was the one that really GOT me onto the frequency or into the right vibe. It took me 40 minutes of not understanding the appeal, to even just tune into why this was worth it for me – but then it hit me!

And then there is NikStarr (Nicole Phoenix Starr) who I have studied with personally and who is what I call my ‘Unicorn Spirit Animal, Spiritual Gangsta Guru’. Our soul contract is one that has helped me evolve tenfold in the space of 3 years. I cannot speak more highly of someone – because when the right teacher is there, life takes giant leaps forward.
I’m looking forward to 2017’s Living Goddess Sadhana too.


This year my attitudes have changed considerably. The most major being of TRUST. Trust in self and trust in the divine. Having done so much work on myself and then also starting to do this spiritual transformation work about 4 years ago, I have felt myself shift more clearly into Trust. This affects everything for me. When I trust in what will happen, being the perfect thing for me, the perfect unfolding of my path, – well then, strangely… it always is.
The money comes, the lessons, the learnings, the karmic completions and the next steps or leveling up on the modules or pieces of life. Without me pushing for it, without me hiding from it, without it being hard or emotional or yucky. (Yes some stuff is yucky, hard and emotional especially family drama – but the learnings and lessons are far quicker to see). I had a massive thing happen to me this year, that would have utterly devastated me if I hadn’t been totally prepared for it. So it hurt for about an hour. I was emotionally allowing the feelings to do what they naturally do – to flow through me and to actually leave. I didn’t hold onto them, nor did I make them my latest identity. I felt them deeply and completely and then let them go on their natural way. My goodness does that make a huge difference in how a person can live.
The attitude of trust and then the attitude of ‘facing my fears. (or at least being willing to!)
Every year I’ve had the same goals (different trimmings, but essentially the same damn goals). So it made me realise that unless I was willing to do what I had never done, then it was always going to be the same. And life has a bajillion (technical term) different options, combos, potential outcomes, things to try… there must be other customisable experiences that I can have. So facing the things that suck – giving up great tasting food (baaa ha ha ha haaaa – what a joke I see that as now) and getting outside and active more. They aren’t comfortable, but they’re a hellavu lot more comfortable than staying put and not growing for the rest of my life?!?!

And finally the times I have been most successful this year have been…

When I put myself first.

When I have done something purely for the reasons that – I wanted to, and Cause I think I’m pretty cool and I want to reward me with doing cool stuff.

My number one intention for 2017 is – To put myself first (again) – Self Love.

What this shouldn’t imply is that anyone ever asked me to put them ahead of me – no one ever really does that, it’s my perceptions or preconceived ideas of what ‘that type of person that I want to be would do’ (usually based on some stupid hollywood stereotype). I just fell into the old trap that has become a bit of a pattern for me, of gotta heal the whole world before I can just enjoy life. It’s a crap perspective and it’s never done me any good.

In so far as 2016 is concerned, I think that’s about it for this post. I loved all that happened this year! There was some truly horrible stuff that has been the greatest catalysts for expansion and MORE love, not less. When bad things happen, it’s time for MORE love, not less. Zero Separation and a full understanding of Team Love – my life and all the players in it are on my team, helping me grow and evolve and fall more in love with myself and life than ever before.
Love always

Nadene Murray


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