Had the most beautiful experience today. Was so fortunate to experience a woman who’s energy is palpable.

goddess energy

Kwan Yin came to us at one of the temples we have visited this during our Spiritual Journey with NikStarr. What a blessing to receive, not to mention the actual blessings we individually received. Such a beautiful woman with such a soothing and yet still electrifying energy.

The time was too short, yet we were there for ages. It was such a tranquil and beautiful place to spend a few hours. In the midst of a bamboo (what seemed to be a forest) there was this sacred space. Stunning as it’s only been there since 2002. For me that was an eye opener of the highest magnitude. That there may still be places out there that are, as yet, undiscovered and that there may be many others called and talented as to perform the rituals we saw today. NikStarr is most certainly one of those. To know that they found their callings to this field after a successful career is such an amazing revelation.

We arrived to one of the sweetest women I have ever met. She is just so lovely… yet when she got going, there was considerable power behind/within her. To then have tea and coffee served and to be welcomed into their family… there are no words to describe what an honour that was. I don’t want to give it away, as everyone should come and see this beautiful woman, but it was so incredibly powerful. The blessings we received today will stay with me for an eternity. I got my crystal and rudraksha mala beads blessed. They have already been blessed and represent the Yin and Yang (Masculine and Feminine) energies. It just feels so good to have them around my neck.


Anyway – the point I wanted to make is that the opening of Compassion and Unconditional Love had a very different effect for each person and affected them in a multitude of ways. There was a particular experience that for me was the closest I’d ever been to seeing a holy transformation. My heart was expanded vertically and horizontally until it felt I was the universe. A sense of bliss and peace of mind came over me… And is still with me.

We have all connected deeper within the group and have opened previously closed doors of communication amongst ourselves. It is pure beauty and acceptance of ourselves and others. I hope everyone gets to experience this in their lifetime.
It is so comforting, and yet so invigorating at the same time.


Catch you on tomorrow’s water adventure.