To really work through the many issues mentioned yesterday, I was talking to Phill and realised that there was a tool that I have available but haven’t been using. It’s a simple process, technique and I know it is effective. So why had I not thought about it. Actually – that one’s easy… sometimes the benefit from the pain, issue, problem can motivate and compel you. Now I think I’m ready to be propelled forward positively instead of through ‘away from’ motivation.

“The Work” by Byron Katie. It’s a phenomenal process that helps strip away all the crud around an issue, problem or emotion that is causing pain. So I did The Work on a major problem and realised that I now no longer had any ‘charge’ on that topic. Completely dissipated to leave me free from the sludge. Irritated because it was so simple – again! But grateful for release really. As much as it had a purpose, the negativity wasn’t fun or useful and in fact, I’ve just had enough of it.

For more information about ‘The Work’ visit – and see if you can get a session, or read the book. It will absolutely change your life experience.

I am now thankful that I let go of 1 issue last night – and of course there are many many more to ‘the work’ through over this coming weekend. I can’t wait!