Today has been an incredibly humbling day. I learnt some not so pleasant home truths about myself and found some things to look forward to for the next few months. Then I saw for the 4th or 5th time on fb a post about #100HappyDays – – soooo having explored it when my friends posted over the last few weeks – and seeing no harm in posting a positive picture every single day for 100 days, I accepted the challenge.

Yes and it is a challenge. Sometimes it’s hard to find something to be positive about when everything is just pleasant or just okay. It’s difficult to focus on the silver linings when the stress of issues, problems and faults are constantly on your mind.

100 Happy Days

For the last few days my mom and I have been looking into the raw food, paleo and other ‘alternative’ or what I like to think of as ‘back to basics’ lifestyles. Thanks to a friend Pia Steiner from the blog, who’s writing is as insightful and entertaining as it always was, I can see that Paleo/Raw/Basics can be a good thing, and achievable.

The other week I touched base with another amazing friend Nora who is just the most amazing Musculoskeletal Master that I know (okay the only one I know) but still the woman I trust with fixing back pain no matter how bad/deep/chronic it is. In talking to her again I had the most fascinating epiphany… (Thank you Nora)

“I am not alone”…

If I have a mentor, a teacher, people to look up to and learn from, I can get involved in ANYTHING at all, and even if it’s woo woo or alternative or Non Mainstream there will always be knowledgeable sources, people to debate with and learn from about any topic or thought out there. This epiphany then obviously pointed out that I had felt alone in delving into the less trodden paths out there.


So today we went to the library and got out a whole heap of books on Raw Food, Vegan etc type of recipes and then went off to the fruit and veggie shop. We started Juicing after watching 3 Documentaries yesterday. Food Matters, Hungry for Change and a youtube clip of Robert Lustig – Sugar: The Bitter Truth. Amazing information about Vitamins, healing, Raw foods, what’s wrong with our current foods. Pretty awesome and life changing stuff.

Anyways – just thought I’d write and say that this year is about a lifestyle change. Phill’s family grows a lot of their own fruits and veggies and it’s been absolutely great to partake in such rich and tasty foods. It’s one of our goals for our own place.

In regards to health, weight as an indicator for myself of where my body is at in regards to what it needs, so far this year I’ve lost 3.2kgs (7 pounds) which is through not going ape on sugar and eating the right foods (mostly).

Now for a more radical approach that from all accounts, is better for humans. It’s now about the vitality, energy and feeling great from the inside out.

Looking forward to the journey of Real Food, Real Living and Real Relationships.