The last few mornings I’ve been awake at 3am – for a while… It’s been an interesting experience because come 7:30pm – I’m exhausted and struggling to keep my eyes open.

We got back on Thursday evening at 9pm and had Friday to sleep in. Both of us went to bed early(ish) and woke up early. We then trekked up to a property we are looking at out in Tanunda area. It’s so utterly beautiful up there.

Beautiful white flowers Stunning scenery

During the Peru trip we’ve seen some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and it was so fantastic to be able to have a piece of that here in South Australia.

The seemingly unspoiled beauty, the stunning plant life. Even including wild orchids. (not pictured). The more we can connect with nature and explore it, the better. Then on Sunday we went to the beach at Glenelg with the kids, sand castles and shell collecting. Some more great nature and being in the midst of it.

This property is part of an idea we are formulating for Eco Accommodation and small spaces that we saw on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. There is a lot of work to do to get even a hint of approvals, let alone funding, and this is a great project not for just us, but for the kids and our families too. This seems to be a 3 or 4 year project that we started on in June this year. We’ve already contacted some container people in Adelaide and it surprised us that brand new the shipping containers were about $5k. Who would have thought. There are also so many amazing people doing some truly stunning things with refurbs.

Anyways – still getting back on my feet, and Phill is back at work today for the next 9 days. It’s so nice to be home and settling back into a sense of normal and routine.