Beyond words, how this place feels, it cannot be properly conveyed in words.

Machu Picchu - in all it's glory

Machu Picchu – in all it’s glory

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We arrived from Cusco via ‘bus’ (a minivan squished in with a lot of people) and train (also fairly squishy, but stunningly beautiful nature that we wooshed past) to Aguas Calientes, which is a fantastic little town at the bottom of Machu Picchu. A very colourful, bright and high energy (in the air) town. No cars driving up and down the streets,  lots of different places to eat and drink. Very many stalls to buy souvenirs from. Friendly people who are relaxed and happy.

We woke early to get the first bus in… welllll, so did everyone… so we caught a very nearly, close to, the first bus in. We were meant to meet our guide but decided that we were not up for a Spanish, then English tour, again – too many, too soon. So we just ventured in ourselves. It was magnificent. The magnitude of the place hits you almost immediately. Being 2,400 m above sea level, yet seeing the valleys below you and the mountains above… I felt like I was standing in the center of something truly special. Almost magickal.

Me and 2,500 of my closest friends were enjoying this spectacular. (much like my experience at the Taj Mahal) The weather was absolutely amazing. Overcast, then sunny, then overcast again. In fact, you could stand still and watch the weather for 15 minutes and it would completely change in front of you.

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We sat for about 15 minutes just watching the air swirl around us, the rivers running below and the wind blowing through the trees and some of the most amazing bromeliads I’ve ever seen. The silence was absolutely deafening, the air cleansing and crisp. I cannot remember a moment that took my breath away like that.


Absolute and pure Serenity.