Those who know me well, know that I have moved house many many times. I absolutely love living somewhere new, exploring the area and seeing what life is like from this new perspective. And now at 31 I am finally feeling the call to settle down, put down roots and build a home. There’s a huge difference (I think?) between a house and a home. I am looking forward to creating memories with my family here. It’s different from having a base from which to explore the outside world. I am now more internally focused on the world I have created directly around me.

We had a bit of a choice to make too during this process. We were offered two different houses to look at and there were benefits and drawbacks to both houses.

We had to really look at our family values and project forward to see whether the houses would fulfill the greater purposes for us.

House A – new, shiny, temperature control air-conditioning.

House B – Biiiig back yard, entertainment area and a garage plus 2 sheds

  • Big Yard: We are now more aware of where our food comes from and want to start growing our own veggies, so the big back yard was a big motivator to take house B.
  • Air conditioning – House B had a swampy (evaporative cooler) which really struggles in a Roxby Downs summer desert weather of 40+ degrees Celsius. And with having had two 44 degree days, pre the official start of summer – one can only imagine the intensity of this coming summer. With a baby it’s an important condition.
  • Garage and 2 sheds – vs 1 little garden shed: We have a camper trailer and a lot of stuff to go into these sheds and garage. We will be doing far more gardening too and storing of outside stuff.
  • Outdoor entertainment area: I’ve recently started running some meditation classes and when we saw the outdoor area both of us saw the potential for having outdoor meditations. Enough space for 25 people at least.

There were a few other pros and cons but… when the bathroom and kitchen are great – it kind of makes the decision for you?! Yes – literally the decision came down to having an en-suite and a gorgeous bathroom in a house that we can control the climate in. The kitchen has a fridge space big enough for a double door fridge/freezer (future purchase) and is spacious with a proper pantry and kitchen island.

So we took House A – and then when we went back to look at it again – we saw that the side/back yard IS big enough for at least 4 raised beds of vegetables and fruits. I can’t wait to create them and to start growing something delicious to eat. I saw something cool on facebook (don’t know the exact source) where they even grew things on an A Frame tiered system. And Phillip has found another garden shed for a good price that we can put closer to the veggie patches too.

It’s great that when you start looking at what you value internally – the external world starts to reflect them. We wanted another shed – we found one. We wanted to grow our own food – we have the right amount of space.

I’m looking forward to veggie patches, swing sets and cooking. I’m looking forward to all the domesticated bliss that I have avoided in the past both intentionally and unintentionally. This isn’t going to be a big move logistically – we’re only moving 2.2 kms down the road. It’s going to be a big move emotionally and spiritually – and in the best ways possible. Something I have never really experienced in my adult life. I’m so very grateful for this amazing place to build our family.

For me – this is MY Christmas.

Tomorrow starts the next chapter in my life and it’s soooo fricken great!!!!

Somewhere for Zooey to spend the first few years of her life. Where I can grow my business and feel centered from. Life has come together so beautifully in these last 2 years. It’s just so amazing – what life has turned into for me!