We have spent the last 4 months looking for a place to live that suits us – but the funny part was more deciding what suited us. Taking into account a lot of different criteria and considerations… we were still stuck in ‘they all seem like they have benefits, and drawbacks‘ headspace. But – and this is the big differential point – we weren’t asking ourselves what WE, as a new family, really really wanted.

So much so, that Phill and I both did our values lists again and booooy, have mine changed! I finally let go of success images that I’d unconsciously and consciously, picked up in the last 5 years or so. Freedom to be true to myself. The things that make me happymotivate me and that I am willing to pass on or talk about openly because it resonates through my entire being.

Our greatest combined values are loveconnection and freedom… Being apart for the 9 days that he’s away all the time, wasn’t looking so flash anymore.


In an actual house, surprise! We’ve both lived in Camp before, and it was, um… delightful. But it’s our time to nest before mr/miss comes along in August. So setting up some roots for our family, establishing some adventures and experiences that are so ‘US’, (camping out in some of the most beautiful parts of South Australia) and enjoying each other’s company daily – will go a long way to preparing for the future, but more importantly, it is fulfilling our highest values together as a couple.

My stubbornness and pride (okay, okay, stop laughing… I know!!!) got in the way of making this decision before. I had so much to prove – to no-one it would seem. It really did block the options from being truly and freely explored. I can’t tell you how many times I have blocked off whole sections of options because of thoughts and ideas that are not serving my higher good. Base and childish vendettas, or ‘I’m better than that’ sort of nonsense.


A lot of what we struggled with looking for a house in Adelaide, was that pressure to have, do and be the things that we have learnt were ‘the norm’. Yet they caused us stress because it wasn’t sitting right, or true to our purpose. So many feelings and thoughts are no longer bogging us down. Tensions and stresses about the future are dissolving day by day.

The dreams we have for our life, are all coming together again, because we are doing what is right, good and real for us. Allowing ourselves to BE, Do and Have the things that are quintessentially us.

I’m so happy to be setting up our own space – I will incidentally be seeing some of my stuff that’s been in boxes for 4-5 years now. I’m looking forward to the ‘oneness’ and ‘om-ness’ of this change. My heart is full to bursting with joy about this, and us, and the baby.

Life keeps getting better and better. I am so very happy and grateful for the last 6 months of ‘darkness and discovery’ of trying things out that worked, didn’t work… or are just strange.

I will catch you on the flipside.