In November I hit a pivotal moment in my life and have found myself being drawn to saying what I’ve always wanted to say. The audience seems specific, and I think it’s that part of my life being the most influential at the moment.

YOU are Deserving, You are WORTHY, You are an amazing woman of incredible light, power and purpose.

Anything that draws you away from that is doing a disservice to you and your life path’s unfolding. (your life)

I developed this 7 day ReBoot to give some different techniques of restarting the daily disciplines and practices that may or may not work for each woman who tries them. There’s different styles and different energies involved to help kick start a dormant engine of self love, appreciation and putting yourself first again.

I found that it had crept up on me. I hadn’t spent much time doing anything nurturing myself in this way – not for any period of time, frequency/consistancy. Doing this course is waking up the different parts of myself I hadn’t felt,seen or heard in a while. Getting to know myself again. Doing little things that bring me joy and are just pure fun.


I would love for you to have a go and see what it brings up for you.

Until the end of March the course is $7 instead of $21 (save $14). (coupon code: HEART at checkout)

I have looooooved putting it together and am having a ball actually DOING the steps too.