So, as if I’m the first person ever pregnant, here’s what I’ve noticed;

Center of gravity has changed, a bit more clumsy than usual
Almost putting my iPhone in the dishwasher or sink at least 4 times now
itchy skin (gots my first *pregnancy* stretchmark – which I think is just so cool)
bending is a whole new concentrated effort
reaching for stuff – well, lets just say I gotta get closer than I used to
springing up from the couch – thing of the past!
OMG Chocolate (‘believable’ excuse I know)
Surprise naps – waking up wondering what happened
enjoying walks – my legs really like the feeling now
craving fruit – oranges, green apples, kiwi fruit, passionfruit
shiny, suuuuper long and great hair and nails
sensational skin
irresistible urge to dance around the house

I’m enjoying it so much now. I’m still working through the emotional, spiritual and mental stuff it’s bringing up. Not nearly as much as the first 3 months. I’m finding that the Personal Development study I’m doing now, hits home harder. Yesterday I watched John Assaraf’s Brainathon – wicked information in there.

    • Accept the ‘right now’
    • Express and give the issue a voice
    • Letting go (exhaling)
    • And found myself watching some of Oprah’s Life and Masterclasses.  Surrender to the ‘I am’

I also am realising the immense gratitude I have for my life’s path and who I am now. What I’ve come through, done, achieved and experienced. So many many things to be over the moon with joy about.

  • Living in South Africa
  • Living in New Zealand
  • Living in Australia
  • Travelling to India, Peru, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Bali
  • Electronics!!!!
  • Writing, Reading and Learning
  • The abundance of food, water and basic human needs
  • Music – a good beat and I’m bopping all over the place (see Happy)
  • Amazing friends, family and mentors

I’m listening to the audiobook of ‘Power vs. Force‘ at the moment and the evolution of consciousness is something I am feeling have changes to my happiness. Working with the ‘Enlighten Game‘ using “Hoʻoponopono (hoo-pono-pono) an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness” (wiki). (See Joe Vitale

I Love You
I’m Sorry
Forgive Me
Thank You

I got my calibration done and was so humbled by the levels I had in the 8 aspects of life. It’s such a great feeling of peace every time I practice this game.

I am doing so much healing of past ‘stuff’ and I’m so grateful to this little soul inside me, for choosing me and giving me this opportunity to strip away all the old conditioning and beliefs. It’s been an amazing trip so far and next week we find out whether this baby is a little mr or a little miss. Family around us as we do.

Such an exciting time!