I went to, what I thought was, a personal development seminar that blew my mind. – It was more a life changing, as they said – Revolution.

If you ever need convincing to get out of  ‘the rat race‘ and ‘the system‘ then this event can make you see the hurt and pain of not making some sort of effort to change your participation levels. I was – for lack of a better description – devastated. It was confirmation of the ‘fringe’ stories and conspiracies that I have been hearing for a while now.

Since joining the personal development industry and then finding the fringe of the entrepreneurial market – I have had some interesting, some amazing and some just strange experiences.

Now to realise I don’t want to, nor can I go back to the main stream without it having specific purpose to fund/drive a specific and targeted purpose, is a little bit overwhelming and a LOT exciting!

Taking my life back into my own hands – given tho, that at no point was I not a willing participant – you do what you know – is so scary and wonderful. The years I spent doing what I did, without it being very productive in the longview vision of my life, weeeeell, sometimes I gotta roll with the punches, look at the silver lining and give thanks for the people, experience and knowledge I gained.


I’m venturing into the land of minimalism shortly, the land of shares, property and now also tax liens. Life has an amazing way of rewarding you for grabbing the opportunities presented. I feel so blessed to be coming across people who shake my world view, my personal view and who give me something to chew on for thought.