What I’m doing now

by | Dec 27, 2016 |

UPDATED: 14 July 2017

  • Working more at Roxby Council. Able to work in well with Phill’s roster so Zooey’s got one of us to herself always.
  • 30+ weeks pregnant and starting to feel it a lot
  • Lifebook has been slow, but something twigged today and I’m inspired to life vision my truest self’s journey
  • Off to Adelaide mid August to prep for the birth and relax
  • Decluttering something massive in thoughts, hording ideas, and actual physical stuff


Past ‘Nows’



Part time working for the Roxby Council. 🙂

Sacred Pregnancy Course

Starting the brain storming on what I went through last time and how meditation and spiritual practices can help guide women to a more sacred experience of pregnancy (plus of course all the practical little tips for enjoying/surviving it!)

Maybe just working on every second Saturday “Pregnant Pause” 2 hour sessions, meditation, massage, information from a professional?

Mother's Self Love

10 march 2017

Have a discount for this month. Trialing the course out and getting feedback and testimonials.

Coupon HEART at checkout. http://www.spiritual-adventures.com/product/mothers-self-love-7-day-challenge/

Working on my websites

Specifically www.spiritual-adventures.com to include an online Coaching course. I asked 5 people closest to me what my skills and talents were and the message I got back was –

I helping people even when I’m not ‘on’ for coaching…

so to focus on that more and get it together for those that need it at any point in time.



10 march 2017

Preparing for the Cleve retreat on the 26th of March.