What I’m doing now

by | Dec 27, 2016 |

 UPDATED: 23 April 2018

  • Meditations Roxby Downs – Chakra Activation Series, ‘Normal’ guided Meditations and now introducing — “The Calm Downs Kids” a semi regular meditation class for kids 0-5 years and a secondary class 5-12s.
  • Websites – www.bygracebookkeeping.com.au  updating www.kindredyoga.com.au and working on this website and my www.spiritual-adventures.com website too.
  • Updating my services on this site and facebook etc. — it’s a big step to put all that i do out there for people to find. Realising all the things I do is so funny – because they are so different and looks like a massive list all together. Feel a bit like an actor’s list of ‘special skills’.
  • Had my step daughter here for some of the school holidays. That was AWESOME!
  • Attended the Yellow Cake Creative Andamooka Yacht Club session and met some great women who make Roxby Downs such a special place to live. Won the door prize so will be doing some work with the marvelous Ayesha Michael.
  • Working with 2 businesses in town on their social media stuff – loving that!


UPDATED: 14 July 2017

  • Working more at Roxby Council. Able to work in well with Phill’s roster so Zooey’s got one of us to herself always.
  • 30+ weeks pregnant and starting to feel it a lot
  • Lifebook has been slow, but something twigged today and I’m inspired to life vision my truest self’s journey
  • Off to Adelaide mid August to prep for the birth and relax
  • Decluttering something massive in thoughts, hording ideas, and actual physical stuff