It’s been a long while since I last posted anything and I could lie and say – I was too busy – or fain some sort of amazing story. But the truth is just that I didn’t want to. I didn’t really have much to say, except for “HEY, Look at my daughter who’s friggen amazing and jeez I hate doing dishes!!!” I’ve been busy learning to be a mom/mum/mumma and a ‘house wife’ or ‘whatever-we-are-supposed-to-be-called-that’s-PC-and-doesn’t-offend-anyone’.
I’ve had the standard stuff I’ve seen others go through, freak outs about what your kid is doing, not doing, should be doing or shouldn’t be doing. The number one question I have for my daughter is ‘What are you eating?!!’ and trying to figure out —-juuuuust how important this whole ‘housework’ thing really is. (btw – turns out it’s a bigger deal than I thought).

And through this wondrous journey into womanhood’s milestones, I have still been spiritually practicing and learning. Growing and failing into my divine path. It’s been the toughest day yesterday in many years, I finally allowed myself to embrace the so-called *negative* emotions. (By ‘allowed’ I mean, I had no choice, they just ruled my day). I felt fury, rage and anger I haven’t experienced in years, sadness and loss and even hopelessness which is decades in-between feeling that.

It was a truly spectacular day filled with tears and laughter too. I finally allowed myself to just experience life instead of controlling it with a myriad of different techniques and tools at my disposal. I found that emotions **Do Actually Pass** (Nooo friggen way, right?!!) That there is a delicious purpose to them, that is for each of us to find and ‘process’. ^

There has been so much that has happened in the last few months. I started a new business called Spiritual Adventures, that is a life long dream (mostly hidden from myself for a while there).  Where I will be doing Meditation & Spiritual Adventures/Retreats all around the world and Australia. I love love love this concept and the experiences I’ve had going out of my daily life into a full immersion experience and then even up to yeeeears later, still learning from those trips.

My daughter started walking at 7 and a half months and has just grown more and more adventurous herself these last few months. My spiritual growth links so beautifully with her growth (in every facet). I learn from her and she teaches me, in no uncertain terms about what is important in my life.

I am doing Meditation classes and am now also doing Mums and Bubs classes. I love these all so much. The right people come into the space at the right time and we grow together in a beautiful synthesis of teacher/student where the lines are blurred. We are going far deeper now than 9 months ago and it is such a phenomenal experience for me.

We are still traveling back and forth to Adelaide every second week to see the kids, which is why I had such a shitty day. Phill’s roster is changing and causing huuuuge upheaval of set routines, plans and comforts. BUT as is with all change, there was the transition phase of unexpected change that just was chaotic. I didn’t realise just how ‘settled’ I had become in my new life. This change is positive. I can count at least 5 major benefits that give us so much choice, flexibility and freedom… just only in another months time when all these plans we had already made are done.

So, thanks for reading.

This is going to be my personal blog, not business from now on, cause I really just need a place to spew forth my musings and ramblings into some semblance of sense, or even just words and sounds. All other stuff will be at or


Love always

Nadene Mulhadara (ROFL)


^ Yes I have realised I am using quotes alot, by the ‘standard’ meaning of things is shifting so rapidly for me, that I haven’t found the new linguistic words that adequately describe things.