Well it’s that time now. Finishing up with the – packing, moving, boxes and folding… So much stuff!!!

Thankfully Phill’s taken two lots of stuff back to Adelaide with him already so we are really looking at the last bits. What’s amazing is that there is stuff in my storage unit that I have most likely not seen in 5 years. I’ve lived in so many different places and packed up boxes from relationship break ups etc and not looked to deeply into their contents… (metaphor much?!)

 About 3 or 4 months ago I already had the clean up my desk and remove my stuff from work. When you have less of your own stuff around you it does make it feel less like it’s a part of your path/journey/life. So the clean up for tomorrow afternoon when I leave the office will be a box of tissues that I hope I won’t need when saying goodbye.

I can’t wait to see all the ‘new to me again’ stuff that comes out of storage when we finally find a place to live in a few months time. I’m planning so many trips that I will be in 1 place for about 2 weeks as the longest time geographically staying put. I can’t wait to see my books… oh my books, how I have missed you!!! I also reckon there is going to be some serious eBaying of the stuff that no longer serves a purpose for me.


Anyway – just thought I’d write and say that looking at all the stuff I’ve accumulated in Roxby… you would never guess that it was in the desert!