The idea of Paperless is a wonderful concept – but the practicality of this in reality is far from easy to achieve.

People print out reports to scribble on them – the emotional validation of ‘doing’ something with the words on a screen/page will keep the paperless concept from reaching it’s fullest potential unless a solution to this emotional attachment is found.
Speaking with my Brains Trust (smokers circle) I jokingly put forward the idea of having a tablet instead of a mousepad – where I could just jot down stuff – directly into documents or onto PDFs would make it far easier than it currently is where you have to think before typing and to ‘nut out’ and idea online just seems too much hassle.
I have notebooks and journals and diaries and notepads galore – but it would  wonderful to eliminate them but still keep that sense of my own (handwritting) electronically.
Here’s hoping that oneday we will see a better working environment that is better for the greater environment with the implementation of something so simple as part of computer/desktop/laptop packages. – oh not to mention better software – more readily available and tested.