I have just put the finishing touches on my birthing plan. The last few things I needed to think of and decide came into mind tonight. I am feeling so peaceful and relaxed about what is going to happen.

I believe in my body, in my baby, in nature and the highest power – that birthing is natural, can be relaxed and an awe inspiring event for me, for Phill and for our child.

The last month has been physically interesting and eventful (deets below if you are interested) and mentally/emotionally fantastic, reflective and revealing.

For the last 6 days I’ve had a cold (coughing, nose and throat) getting worse day by day – then of course I went back to lemons, honey and ginger and started feeling a teensy bit better today. – MUCH less coughing!! Less than 12 hrs and a tangible result.

I have had my left hip start hurting a month ago and have found myself struggling to walk for shorter and shorter amounts of time each day. Down to an hour or so before I’m grimacing in pain.

I am sleeping for 2 hours at a time and then finding myself struggling to get back to sleep at varying intervals… Insomnia maybe but the non busy time at night/early morning has allowed me to pursue the thoughts, questions and feelings I am now at peace with before birth.

I know this all sounds like I must feel like the first person to ever have been pregnant or given birth… I don’t apologise – this is for me WHAT I have experienced and HOW I’ve experienced these realizations and learning things that many many many of you have experienced, shared and mastered already.
For the first time in my life I’ve allowed myself to experience the unfolding of an event instead of trying to preempt it all. Intellectually KNOW it all in an attempt to calm fears without addressing them. (First trimester totally excluded from this – lol)

The thoughts, fears, experiences, feelings and revelations I have allowed to surface on their own, observed, worked through if required and then been grateful for their occurrence.

I just thought I would share a moment of zen, a moment of appreciation and a moment where I feel no push to achieve anything more than just being me, present and free.