Being prepared is a great thing. It calms the nerves and makes me feel like I’ve got a handle on things… BUT – Last night I was thinking about the ‘WHAT’ in this equation.

If I am preparing for worst case scenario, then really I am looking at the most negative of the situation.

Why don’t we say “Be Prepared for your Dreams” or something along those lines? I know it sounds a little corny and woo-woo, but I was thinking that what I’ve been doing for the last 4 years has been preparring, learning, growing while focusing on who I was going to become. The best version of myself and the one that I can be proud of.

I put a post on my fb page –!/CoachingTowardsDevelopment/posts/10151755744870937 and I think it’s affected me in a great way. Who I really want to be is the person I’ve been preparing to become in the past few years and the vision I hold in front of me of who I can possibly be.

So I ask you – Who have you been preparing to be? Someone who thinks bad things are going to happen and has continegency upon contingency? Don’t get me wrong – you need to have realistic plans – BUT – I think there is a HUGE benefit to looking at what could go right, It must open up your vision to new ways to achieve it. The last few days ideas have been flowing between Phill and I. The vision board session will most certainly be happening soon.

So now I can start to focus on the WHAT am I preparing for – given the clarity of who I really want to be.