So in 2016 I discovered my most successful periods of time happened when the following were being done;

  1. Daily Spiritual Practice and Learning
  2. Daily Health Focus
  3. Putting Myself First
  4. Attitude of Trust and Taking steps in faith

So in 2017 I want to capture the things I’m doing to help me grow, learn and enjoy life AS IT’S HAPPENING.




Love Yourself – Like Your Life Depends On It — by Kamal Ravikant.

Flee the 9 to 5 — by Ben Angel


Turning Point Intensive – Authentic Education (Benjamin J Harvey)


New Recipes Tried:

From “Brand New Vegan

Mac & Cheese, Cauliflower Tacos


Meditation Masterclass – Mindvalley (Vishen and Emily)

Idea to Impact – Laura Trotta

Yin & Yang Energy – Douglas Peacock