Unused Resources

Well…. I’ve just been going through my Audible account and I only have 5 things on there, but I haven’t completely listened to a single one in it’s entirety. Also I have a folder called ‘Personal Development and Spiritual Study’ on my HDD and —- same thing, I haven’t actually completed or read about 95% of it and I paid for a whole load of it – in the hopes it would somehow be ‘that magic thing’ that I was searching for. It’s a lot about paying money for the product to do for me, what I don’t want to do for myself… Hundreds if not thousands of dollars of unused resources at my finger tips and the only other price I must pay to use them, is time.

I don’t know if people consider the time implications of purchases of a learning or educational nature. I know I don’t so much. I just think it’ll be so amazing I will get lost in the awesomeness of the learnings and it will magically sort out the lack of time I want to actually make for these things.

Recently I read one of Elizabeth Peru’s Tip Off’s about Neptune in Retrograde for the next 4 months and there was a line in it about how “it will be the most spiritually expansive period of the year.’ I’ve had an incredibly massive spiritually expansive year so far, so of course I’m incredibly interested and a little nervous about what that could all mean for my path’s unfolding.

Social Media break (Last year was for 1 month…)

I have a feeling upon the birth of our second child in September, I will be deactivating my personal and business facebook and whatever other social media accounts for 3 months. There is no need to be on it when I have a whole different place and space to become into. Meaning if I choose to go back onto Social media it will be in 2018.

It’s a weird concept to think that I will treat the time as a purely sacred connection time with my newest child, Zooey, Phillip and my extended family. To share that most amazing time with only them and to hold it as a reverent experience. I’ve learnt a lot about honouring myself in the last year. I’ve learnt a lot about what I’ve done thinking it was for me, but was for others. It’s a different life I now lead to the one even 8 months ago.

Purpose-filled living

I love my part time job, I love my family life, I love who I am, have been and will become. But there is also a sense of ‘something’s not quite right’. Like a that missing sense of really really really living my life with purpose. There was a awesome video I saw about Purpose by Kerwin Rae that has made me realise that the thing I am working towards this year with all my different spiritual and educational pursuits is to find and more so to LIVE my purpose on a daily basis.

And also just did the quiz on Laura Hollick’s site about my creative archetype and it’s just confirmed for me the draw I’ve recently had towards art and expression in a creative way. Her course on Soul Art looks amazing too. But something for another time.

The Sadhana with NikStarr was the true beginning to starting everyday taking steps forward in this way. Signing up for the Lifebook 30 day challenge on Mindvalley Quest is another one that I know will be me just paying for the time to put into doing what is already there within me, waiting for the light.