Caveman dealings

Sitting there shivering cold, feeling the wind whip across my face really did calm the jumbled energy I was feeling from all that’s happened in the week before. The standard questions of “have I done the right thing?”, “What am I going to do after my last day?” were bubbling up and being whisked away by the wind.
Staring off into the fire melted away any qualms I had…
just trust and faith in my heart’s yearning to do something more with my life.
Had a day and night in the bush, Lake Mary to reconnect with Nature and to allow the pent up energies to dissipate without an agenda.
I’m so very lucky to be out in the middle of nowhere. With the expansiveness of the Australian Outback so very near. The vastness feels so good. It’s metaphoric, perspective of my space in the universe. All exists simultaneously, part of nature, part of the process and meant to be there.