Why I do what's rightToday had to do a slide for why I remain safe at work. What a wonderful reminder of who I am and why I do what I do.

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Amazing to review all the things that I absolutely love to do, be and experience/have. My travels all over the world (Hawaii, South Africa, India etc). The spiritual aspect of Oneness and all the different courses, seminars and books I use to grow and learn more about this amazing world we live in. Phill was saying to me that I am very lucky and that I’ve done so much, been so many places. What’s funny to me is that I only see what I haven’t done yet, so very much more out there to achieve, to explore and see.

Gratitude and not taking what I’ve already done for granted is an interesting thing to try to keep present on. I’m going to put this photo up near my bed to give me the visual retriggering of awe, thanks and inspiration!