I met 2 women at breakfast today who are going to be doing the same course as me this week. What was absolutely astounding were the similarities in our stories, the synchronicities of where we all are right now in our lives. The most amazing conversations were flowing and growing deeper as the 2 hours we spent chatting went on.

Ubud flowers


I am so grateful to be in a space now where the people I meet are on the same wave length and have similar goals and ambitions. What’s beautiful is that we are all settling into our own ‘ness’ – that sense of self that had eluded us in our 20’s.

The path I have chosen is to stop controlling the world around me, to let go of the rules of how it ‘should‘ be and to accept life as a series of experiences that help to mold and shape me due to allowing life to happen, not trying to create a perfect picture of how life should be. Naomi seems to be a soul sister from lifetimes ago. I could almost recognise her from some other time. And to hear her story was moving and inspiring. The next two months travelling will be absolutely amazing for her.

Chris is an amazing women too. So many parallels in the sorts of attitudes adopted over time in a very masculine energy working environment. Chris is also the second police force person I have met on a Spiritual Journey/Retreat and it’s eye opening to see that the soulfulness of life brings such great rewards to a strict lifestyle.


So far, even just in getting to Bali for this Spiritual Journey, I have met some incredible people. I must be in the right frame of acceptance and coincidence right now. I met an amazing man, Ron, who is in his 60’s and travels a few times a year. His character was just so fun and exciting. In talking to him for about an hour or so, my energy levels were spiking. Excitement and Awe. He adapts so very well to the environments around him, not consciously, but in an earnest ‘being’ perspective. He’s the one I mentioned on fb who got free beers all over Europe last year. Just through enjoying the company of strangers and taking part in the life that was present, he made friends with so many locals. It was definitely a reminder to stay true to myself. To be who I am and not try and figure out who other people want me to be (my perception of course).

Ubud gardening

Then last night when my hotel transfer didn’t show, it now seems for a reason, I found a taxi driver, Juni, who talked to me about Bali, about life, religion, spirituality and everything in between for the hour long trip. He told me that the spiritual healers here are good at what they do because they too have made mistakes, had hardship and overcome. That there is a respect to have for the spirituality of all people and that children are holy little people.

So far it’s been a spectacular trip and it’s only day 2.

Looking forward to uncovering the next lot of confirmations, affirmations and learnings/lessons, I have coming.