So the news is finally out.

  1. We are expecting our first child together and Phill’s fourth child.
  2. AND then this last weekend Phillip proposed.
  3. AND In the next 2 months we are looking to buy/rent a house (depending on what’s available)
  4. AND then also we need to replace the car!!

This pregnancy has been the most amazing process so far. I’ve had the toughest emotional first trimester. Physically it was alright. Lots of queasy, only 2 upchucks thank the gods! But the darkness I went through emotionally was something I didn’t think I would EVER experience again. It was like being 15-17 again. Thank goodness this was only for the first 12 weeks and subsided to make way for pure joy and excitement!

I’m loving it now that I can feel myself being back again. It felt so alien to be so worried and anxious. August 2014 is going to be an amazing life change for me. My Purpose in life will change for a time. It’s so awe-inspiring to think of what is coming ahead.


Marriage is something I only realised I wanted in a relationship in the last 2 years. Prior to that, I was quite adamant that marriage was out of the question for me. Hows about totally ab-reacting to the past?! (I was previously engaged at 17 – that didn’t end so well, but was the greatest learning experience I could have asked for at that time)

I am so very honoured that a man who I hold in such high regard, would want to spend the rest of his life with me. Phillip is someone I love & adore, someone who I deeply admire too.

We went to Lady Bay (South Australia) and camped on the beach for the evening. The weather was absolutely perfect. The beach was beautiful and we were just in such a happy space with each other.

First morning engaged to Phillip at Lady Bay, South Australia

First morning engaged to Phillip at Lady Bay, South Australia

He completely surprised me! I was not expecting that question on that night, or anytime in the next year of so, to be open. He barely finished asking and I said, “Yes, of course I will be your wife!” and then tears of joy, happiness and love beyond words.

He is the most amazing man I have ever met and I will choose to be with him, every day for the rest of my life.



2014 is turning into a busy and happy year. This is all getting quite pointy at the moment,

  • Finding work for me – deposit for the house and US investments
  • Finding a house for us to live in which will also be where our baby will be born
  • Planning all the baby birthing related ‘stuff’
  • Finding a car that has 7 seats for the 6 of us
  • Wedding plans (these will be something that gives us great joy to plan amongst it all)

I love my life! I love my Fiancé and what we are creating for our future!!