The colourful staircase of lifeChanging my life, seeing my issues, problems and blind spots, is made a lot easier for me by having my super amazing and fantastic coach, Kim Browning. Kim’s one of my favourite people in the world – and yet I’ve never actually met her face to face.

My coaching with Kim started in October 2009. I cannot believe it’s been that long! It’s such a blessing to have a long-term coaching relationship like this! I have evolved through varying iterations of myself in many different ways.

I cannot begin to thank her for all she has done for me, the hours of listening, nudging and leading.

Without my coaching I would be YEARS behind on my journey. This has been an amazingly fulfilling way to accelerate the changes that I have so wanted.

Thank you Kim!!!

Specifically, Kim has helped me with my relationships over the years – from the mess of ending them and picking myself up again, to how I can still be myself and date, then from dating to finding the man of my dreams. I never really thought that it would happen. The secret of most secret hopes buried deep down inside. Now I have found someone who fulfills those criteria and so much more.

I have found different levels of satisfaction and purpose in my job, career and vocation. With Kim’s guidance and coaching I have been able to step up to the ‘life with passion’ that I have always wanted and take these steps to live in the flow and find the effortlessness in living that makes it all the more wonderful to experience.

Oh and the little tidbits, tips and ‘that’s the whole thing’s that have happened along the way, are worth their weight in gold!!!

Understanding WoMen - Kim Browning

Understanding WoMen – Kim Browning