The day before the trip Phill and I decided to stay in a hotel so the early morning flight wouldn’t disrupt 2 family’s on a Monday morning. The nice part of this was having the nervous energy, those butterflies in the stomach, together.

We stayed at a place called Adabco Boutique Hotel, which we got a great deal on from as a ‘Secret Hotel’ for $95. They have fantastic facilities for families – a kitchen and dining room for making your own food.  We had dinner at Bocelli Caffe Restorante – baaad idea. Not great food, terrible service. I will be avoiding them in the future. We walked around a little because we were both almost jumping out of our skin with excitement.

The trip to the airport was very quick and we were checked-in fairly easily and early. Wandering around the airport killing time is almost cruel. (Oh and Qantas sent me a physical letter – once we were already back from this trip!!? – saying that I had in fact had Qantas club membership during this time, grrrr Phill & I could have been living it up, but we were slumming it – It was not a big thing anyway… wouldn’t have been relaxed anyway).

So to recap

  • Adabco Boutique Hotel – 4 Star experience
  • Bocelli Caffe Restorante – 1.5 Star experience
  • Adelaide Airport – 3 Star experience

We left for Sydney and had the more modern entertainment system – YAY – so enjoyed our little breakfast and Modern Family Episodes.

Next flight was to Santiago Chile – with an 8 hour stop over.

We found a Starbucks!!! Yay for Decaf Soy Caramel Macchiatos oh and free WiFi. We eventually took turns sleeping because it was an 8 hour stop over. US$95 for an Australian to go through into Chile. We did it on the way back… that is a WHOLE other story. (Note – for a NZ passport – no charge… )

  • Chile Airport – 2.5 Star experience

Santiago from the air

Santiago from the air


Next is our first days in Peru – Lima a city for cats!


Infinite Love & Gratitude