Sitting in the Hilton in Miraflores (a suburb in Lima, Peru) and have just plugged into the net, great customer service and little extravagances that have not been present during the more rural and smaller town experiences so far. We did Machu Picchu yesterday – it was truly spectacular (I will write on that later).

I am reflecting on what turning 30 means to me and finding that it is just another confirmation/affirmation of my purpose and why I exist. I have been so very fortunate and blessed in the last 30 years. So I am looking forward to really putting my money where my mouth is for the next 30. To give back (cliche I know!!) to a world that has sustained me, feed me and helped me to grow into who I am now.

Machu Picchu

The magnificence of Machu Picchu

We had a few experiences this trip that were so humbling and we were able to help people in different ways. I will write about those later – and I needed to mention them because they struck me as being the real start of that ‘giving’ joyfully place that I have heard so much about. It is so wonderful to realise that there is so much you can offer to the world, baby steps and little by little.

I want to thank my family for supporting me through the last 30 years of ‘finding myself’ – it’s quite funny to realise that you were lost even when you felt you weren’t. (I was listening to this song –  on the train from Machu Picchu to Ollytoytambo and realised some of the lyrics were spot on). Family are the people you are truest with. Up, down, confused and determined. Thank you! x

I also want to thank Phillip for bringing out the best in me. The honest, willingly vulnerable and bravery to be myself 100%. I am so very happy to be with a man who inspires me daily and drives me to grow into my truest self. You are more than I ever dreamt of and I have been surprised, spoilt and so very loved by you. Thank you for choosing to be with me on this trip and on the next chapter of my life. xoxoxo

Phill and I

To all those who have kicked my butt, showed me my ‘opportunities for growth’, I am begrudgingly grateful for the chance to choose how I respond to the events in my life.

There is so much that a human being can do. So many different experiences and situations to learn from. I am finally feeling ready to choose to do what I want to do, every day. To build the financial base to facilitate my dreams. Life after 30 is the time to put into real life practice, the lessons and learnings from the time that came before.