The gap is the change that is needed within myself. The level of growth required to be the person capable of living the dream. As James Arthur Ray used to say – you have to be a bigger person to play a bigger game.

We’ve been sitting looking at the post it’s on the wall seeing where the goals are visually, grouped by year. And have made some great realisations.


  • Great results require great change – becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.

So this one is a big one, how can we get different results from the last few years if we choose to change things STILL only within our comfort zones? I can feel the shift happening. You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it?

  • Determination (attitude) will help break through the doubts, the usual “oh no, that doesn’t sound like it will work”.

There will be a lot of Nos and a lot of internal pressure to just stay were it’s known, safe and comfortable. The goal, the attitude of determination will be paramount in succeeding.

  • Dedication/Persistence to the process of learning – it’s not like you will ever know EVERYTHING about a topic, as time will be changing the topic itself.

We were looking at SMSFs and there was a book about it we were thinking of getting. On a topic that changes as much as this – the year of publishing was important – (that particular book was too old, pre the new laws on art). There will also always be someone who knows how to do what you want to do, so leverage off their experience and learn from them. New ways to look at things, a change in perspective can shift what looks like a problem, to something that is soooo last year.

  • Research, research, research.

Nothing more needs to be said on that – Research – saves dollars and saves dreams.


I’m looking forward to setting the design, schedule and starting the process full time. (After the Peru trip of course) =>