Going on a spiritual journey or a quest the goal is to reach enlightenment or to become awakened.

Having gone on such a wondrous journey (still in it at the moment), I’ve realised it’s actually about that ‘knowingness’ that everything is alright and you are going to be okay in any and all situations. There is a sense of stillness in the very core of you. A peace of mind that means you can see your thoughts and not necessarily have to react to them.


We learnt from a great teacher (Darma Yasa) that there are three levels

  1. Material
  2. Religious
  3. Spiritual

This means that when you are spiritually growing, your material and religious practices are on par. You are able to create that which you choose to.

It was such a great experience to again review these things that I’ve studied for years. Somehow when you take time out to actually focus fully on 1 area (spiritual journey) the same things you already know show up. Of course that points to, you already have everything you need, and you already know all you want – it’s within you.

I love the number meditation we got taught – that was new to me and oh so powerful. I am looking forward to the next few months deepening the practice. My Mala beads that I got when I was in India are going to come in very very handy. The use of 5 of the 7 Chakras was also very practical in using the ones that build the core/base foundation for the physical life we live.

And of course – thank you to Nik Starr for providing a very special process on a Sacred Beach here in Bali. It will be something I will treasure forever. I am so blown away by her generosity.

We are off on a magical adventure today and I am already looking forward to the community energy that is buzzing around us.

Catch you on the flip side