I just spent a few hours starting the task of packing up my meagre possessions. All that fits in a room that is about 5m X 5m (guessing – I’m not very spatially cognitive). I’m a collector of ‘Scrapbook’ little trinkets (junk) and many different books, papers and ‘interesting’ reading… Phill of course is a throwerer away (technical term of course) of things, which actually worked. I thought that I might get a little emotionally attached or just plain irrational about things, but I found myself looking forward to the memories we will be creating with our families and together. I think sentimentality has a place when there is a sense of loss, I did take a few photos of my stuff. A minimalist trick I learnt from “Zen habits” I think.

I filled four 50L containers with stuff and one more, just of shoes, of course, and seeing them all stacked up against the wall, with all the art work rolled up next to it… It made it begin to feel real. Like there was some movement or traction happening.

I’m finally really feeling that I am leaving Roxby Downs. It’s started and I can’t wait to see what we start next.

I’ll be blogging about some of the potential ideas soon – that excite and scare us silly!