On the 22nd of September, I watched a movie “on the line“, that really challenged my thinking and more importantly my feelings about the world we live in and the goals of people around me. My goals, aim, purpose in life seems to be drawing closer the more of these idea shattering theories I see. The movie was “Thrive” – the macro organisational issues we face.

In the last 2 years I’ve seen a few documentaries that have really broken my sense of ‘knowing‘ about the world I live in.

The ones that got me on the path were –

These irritated me and messed with my head. There was a sense of ‘NO WAY’ afterwards that made my head spin whilst the old beliefs were loosened and these new ideas started to take root. I feel that these sorts of paradigm shifts are absolutely essential to growing and being the person you want to be, not staying the person who isn’t getting the results you want. I’m a real believer in that saying – “If nothing changes, nothing changes”

I am looking for something more too, the next idea shattering perspective piece that will blow away any of the old thought patterns that kept me in a loop for over 7 years or longer.

So if you know of something, shoot me an email.