Finally after years of searching, doing courses, finding mentors, successes, failures and ‘experiments’ down so many different avenues… I have finally realised what I’ve been searching for and finally allowed myself to express what I am really here to do with my life.  It’s been one of those – OMG DUH!!! moments of realisation. (Thank goodness for Coaches aye?)


In the last year since leaving my corporate job, I have done some amazing courses and spent time getting in touch with who I really am. A very spiritual and non-materialistic experience to rival the years of accumulation of ‘stuff’. I’ve dropped all the masks and the ‘should be’s that I carried around for the many many years before that.


My focus, message and who-I-really-am, is about Emotional, Spiritual and Lifestyle Happiness and Fulfillment.

I’m yet to nut out the deets of how to integrate this new perspective, into what I’ve done already, and that’s half the fun of these sorts of breakthroughs. My personal and business focus is shifting to be about Happiness and Fulfillment and not the ‘image of success’ that is so over abundantly advertised in every movie, TV show and general mainstream media messages. Not to mention majority of the facebook pages about ‘success’. They give an image or visualisation of the ‘stuff’ that you should want to show ‘success’.

So – in a nut shell, for the last few years I’ve been trying to emulate business models and the coaching topics that I believed were the ‘Shoulds’, ‘Supposed toos’ and ‘Successful’ topics. The major one being of course, Money and Financial Success. What I’ve allowed myself to let go of now is that drive to compete with the players in that sphere. There are so so many amazing teachers, coaches and practitioners who’s messages and methods are fantastic, replicable and proven. So why reinvent the wheel?!?!

Everyday I talk to people who are struggling with conflicts that come from internal pressure and stress to be 1000 different things to 1000 different people. So many issues that people are dealing with daily, that are not their responsibility or their heart’s desires.





In the next few weeks I’ll be reimaging, reworking and rebranding. I am feeling so relieved and energised. Excited and content.

When you hit on a truth and it resonates, your whole world comes together and things start to flow.


My focus, message and who-I-really-am, is about Emotional, Spiritual and Lifestyle Happiness and Fulfillment.

The essence of which is ‘Feeling Good’. Everything we do out of effort, guilt, obligation.. sometimes needs to be redressed to allow for a new perspective and decision to be made.